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Sessions & Services



Past Life Regression...$140/hour

Mediumship/Channeling....$70/30 minutes

Hypnosis to help client answer life questions....$140/hour

Soul Journeys....$140/hr

Energy Readings

Energy Reading...$120 (about 1hour)

Group Readings

Group Readings.....$500/3 hours - Travel rates and hotel accommodations may apply.

Energy Reading and Healing
Wow, what great power of love and healing you have! I felt your healing energy move my body. Your words to help heal me were of the highest. Thank you for helping me heal. Thank you for meeting with my guides and facilitating. It is an indescribable experience emblazoned in my mind.

Past Life
Your notes are more effective than recordings for me. I’m able to revisit your notes written verbatim without the emotional baggage that recordings conjure up. Your notes are factual and straight-to-the-point. They are also extremely helpful when I need to glance at them for a reminder. Shortly after our session, someone who was mentioned in my regression contacted me after a long period of no communication. Timing is divine! I could’ve easily gotten angry, but thank goodness for your notes because I was advised not to. With your notes, I was able to take the highest choice and approach the situation properly for my soul to move forward.

You are one with a true power to enable and heal others. You are a Teacher we need. Thank you for believing in me that I too hold the power to heal myself and others. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and wisdom so that I can move closer to the light and help others to do so. You truly want to make this world a better place because you’re not only facilitating a past life or healing them, but you’re also teaching them to do both on their own. How anymore cooler can you be?
— Normalynn