Allow & Believe for what you think, you create.

Allow & Believe

For what you think,

you create.


Are you drawn to specific geographic locations, periods in history, culture, climates, or architecture?

Most people have already experienced clues to their prior incarnations. The same is true for negative feelings. You may feel the emotions of love, hate, rejection, or any other emotion that relates to a past life. These are called past life carryovers and they can directly relate to the life you are now living. Any strong affinity or aversion is a clue.




Cindy’s Home Office


Conveniently located just outside Sacramento, California. Once your session is booked, you will receive an email with prep information and address for your session for in-person sessions.


What clients say about Cindy

I am honored and humbled to write this review for  Cindy Betts, M.A. Certified Hypnotherapist  and Medical Intuitive.  Cindy is well credentialed with many references from the hearts she has touched.

Unknown to either of us, Cindy would become part of a journey I would be taking after the loss of my husband. My name is Linda K. Reed. Author of Serenity’s Journey/If I’m Dreaming Don’t Wake Me.

I had noticed Cindy at a Holistic Healing Fair. Something drew me to her and I would eventually meet with her to experience a healing energy and hypnotherapy session. 

To feel a loving healing energy flow through your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and beyond wonderful is an amazing experience. The hypnotherapy session followed. The next thing I knew, I was standing in a Harbor all alone, at sunrise,  in the mid-1700’s. And...I thought I could not be hypnotized.  Many of my questions were answered that day, and for that I am eternally grateful!
— Linda K. Reed