Allow & Believe for what you think, you create.

How Cindy approaches her practice:

As a Medical Emotional Intuitive, Cindy is guided by a Higher Power to locate irregular energy in a client, identify the emotional reason behind it, and then activate healing. She is also a hypnotherapist, certified by the Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Institute. Her practice focuses on Past Life Regressions, reconnecting loved ones who have crossed over and finding answers to a person’s life questions.

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Since retiring from her state consultant career with over 37 years vested, and after working with hundreds of clients all over the United States, Cindy enjoys traveling and helping clients heal and expand in their journeys from the comfort of her new home office.


Cindy became TV co-host on the show, Paranormal Insights.


Cindy discovered she had a strong ability to channel spirit messages and the ability to read a client’s energy.

She began touring metaphysical expo events and gained an impressive following. Her appointment times for each event were often sold out the opening hour.


Earned certification through the highly accredited and rigorous training by the Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center


Obtained Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education.